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About us

Our motto

Driven By Service


Our mission statement

To deliver the best customer experience through technological leadership and unparalleled support.


Our beginnings

Serti Informatique Inc. was founded following the design and development of a computer system for its first ever customer. From its very beginnings, SERTI has worked in close collaboration with businesses, small, medium or large, offering its ever-expanding IT expertise to customers across Canada, in every field of activity.

Weathering the computer revolution of the last four decades, SERTI has secured the leadership skills and the power to offer IT solutions that are technologically advanced and comprehensive.

The success of our company is the result of teamwork and carefully mixed experience and knowledge, positioning SERTI in the information technology driver's seat. 


  • 1975 Les Services Serti inc. founded by Jean-Marc Thibault
  • 1999 SERTI attains IBM Premier Business Partner Status
  • 2000 SERTI celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • 2002 Survey commissioned by IBM finds SERTI ranked top in customer satisfaction with 86%
  • 2005 Number of SERTI permanent employees reaches the 100 cap
  • 2014 Louis Laporte becomes SERTI President
  • 2015 SERTI celebrates its 40th anniversary

Our destination

Forging forward in the pursuit of meeting our objectives, we respect and obey the rules which guide each of our steps:

  • Assist companies by supplying complete IT solutions: we continually evaluate new technologies and solutions, then select only the very best, which we proudly represent.
  • Further specialize ourselves in our niche: by ensuring continuing training for our employees and associates, taking into account their own abilities and aspirations.
  • Secure the loyalty of our associates: 20% of our employees have been with us for over 15 years. An IBM Business Partner for over 38 years, we reached Premier status in 1999, the highest awarded to IBM business partners (only around 5% reach that status).

These facts in and of themselves support the importance we give to upholding close and loyal ties with our many associates and partners.

In addition to the knowledge we've acquired over the years, our remarkable longevity in this highly competitive environment is based not just on our acquired expertise, but primarily on our unwavering commitment to principles and our customers.

  • The commitment to provide quality services
  • The respect of our employees, customers and associates
  • The upholding of privileged relationships with our business partners
About us